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My Digital Village - Village Water Colour

What is My Digital Village?

My Digital Village is an online community where you can forge new connections, make new friends, and share your knowledge, expertise and wisdom with others.

Any community whether virtual or physical only thrives on the efforts of those involved. A virtual community can thrive more since there is no limit on the number of members. Nor is there a restriction on the interests or activities of members.

New collaborations, partnerships and friendships can be sparked and can all flourish across the miles in the digital realm.

With a Village Inn for socialising, a Village Hall for meetings, workshops and conferences, and a High Street for browsing – even buying and selling – your experience of My Digital Village is exactly what you make of it.

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Inside the Village

A dynamic online community where you can connect, share and grow

My Digital Village - Village Water Colour

The Welcome Inn

An English institution, the Village Inn is a great place to pop into over lunch or during the evening. You can enjoy chat, quizzes, live music, comedy or sing-a-longs over your finest ales, wines and nibbles at the Inn. You can even book the Inn for your own party, or see in the New Year with fellow Villagers.

My Digital Village - Village Water Colour

The Village Hall

At the Hall you can run and attend meetings, classes, workshops, even conferences for up to 500 people, complete with keynotes and break-outs. There is never a problem with Hall booking clashes – if you have an event in mind you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to run it when YOU want.

My Digital Village - Village Water Colour

The High Street

On the High Street you can find shops proffering all types of service and product. It’s a great place to browse – or you might even choose to set up your own shop, and attend ‘Meet the Shopkeeper’ events. After all, didn’t someone once say we are a nation of shopkeepers?!

Join our Community

Whether it’s a book club, Pilates class, discussion group or a lesson in playing bridge My Digital Village is the place to be. Or if you’re looking for trusted expert advice and guidance on anything from insurance to setting up a business, you can have ready access to this with My Digital Village.

And of course if you have any expertise, skill, talent or interest that you wish to offer, teach or explore you will find a willing audience in My Digital Village.